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20 Aug 2022 19:00 UTC
"EXE" Trios tournament

Registration closed.

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1st place. $30 2nd place. $20 3rd place. $10 MVP: Nitro Discord ver más

Sorry, you missed it! Registrations are closed for this tournament.

Cyber Hunter Tríos
Organizado por Luis Miguel

Torneo de torneos


**Welcome to the "EXE" Trios tournament** This tournament will have 4 rooms on the NA server, the first being only a warm-up room, and will have the following points system: 1st place: 3pts 2nd place: 2pts 3rd place: 1pt Kill: 1pt


  • **Rules to participate**
  • - All PC players will have to record their entire games and with full screen, as they do not have a functional anticheat, this rule is mandatory and without exception
  • - All mobile players will have to take a screenshot of their hud upon landing, as well as a screenshot of their first kill.
  • - Low level accounts will only be accepted if they come from another server, with proof.
  • - The organization reserves the right to accept or deny the participation of some players in the tournament.
  • **Game rules**
  • - The use of the weapons "Shark" and "Killer Whale" are prohibited
  • - The skill "destroyer" can only be used by one player of the trio.
  • - Removing grass, recoil, using cardboard graphics/roblox graphics, is the same as using hacks, therefore, the use of anything mentioned above, is reason for banning from this tournament, and future tournaments organized by EXE.

Cómo unirse a un torneo de

  • Discord Pasos

    • Ve al canal de texto #tournament-info en Discord para conocer los detalles del torneo.

    • Haz clic en el #tournament-lobby en la parte inferior del #tournament-info del torneo

    • Para participar en el torneo, escriba !register en el canal #tournament-lobby

    • Tourney bot te enviará un mensaje directo; escribe !joinsolo en MD

    • Te has registrado con éxito en el torneo .

  • web app Pasos

    • Vaya a Web App e inicie sesión con su cuenta de Discord o Twitter

    • En la pestaña Calendario de torneos, puedes encontrar la lista de los próximos torneos de .

    • Haz clic en el torneo al que deseas unirte; verá un botón Registrarse en la parte inferior de la página

    • Ingrese su IGN (NOMBRE EN EL JUEGO) y haga clic en el botón Registrarse en la parte inferior de la página

    • El registro ya está completo.

  • app Steps

    • Descargue la aplicación de App store o Play store

    • Inicie sesión con un número de teléfono móvil y un código PIN único

    • Toca el torneo para ver los detalles, toca Registrarse y sigue las instrucciones en pantalla

    • Te has registrado con éxito en tu torneo


1st place. $30 2nd place. $20 3rd place. $10 MVP: Nitro Discord