Full Name

Mortimer “Tourney” GG


Depends on font size




Machine gun arms, chainsaw arms, regular arms, penchant for blowing things up, hypercompetitiveness, capable of 40 intense emotions


Wile E. Coyote, Ninja, Orange Juice, Rumham


Mortimer was born in Alphabet Town to two capital G parents.

Spent 2 years trapped inside his smartphone after a mysterious combination of screen taps activated a portal into the mobile universe

Survived by befriending the red Angry bird that taught him everything he knows today

Made a living battling inside various games until he built enough of a reputation to start running bigger battles where he earned the name “Tourney”

Finally escaped his phone when someone purchased the old device for their grandson at a garage sale. When the device turned on and synced, Tourney popped out.

Though sad he had to leave his game friends behind, Tourney continues to create battles in hopes of one day returning to the mobile universe.