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23 Mar 2020 12:15 UTC
PUBGM 5.45 PM/ 23 march
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150 UC OR CONTACT TO @UcX Ξ ➣ NoMercy#3284 OR <@493445543486554153> 查看更多
PUBG MOBILE - 2nd Anniversary Erangel Quick Match
主辦單位 UcX Ξ ➣ NoMercy


Daily uc customs at server Don't forget to share with your friends -now everybody can host tournament for free using


  • Tournament Rules
  • No Emulators / Hackers Allowed.
  • Minimum 3 Players in Your Team Should Have Common Name Tag In There Name.
  • Only Registered Players Can Play The Match. No Changes Allowed After Registration.
  • No Team-ups Allowed.
  • Your Mic Should'nt Be On All.
  • All Your 4 Team Mates Should Be On Our Discord Server.
  • Only Occupy Your Own Team Slot. If You Occupy Someone Else Slot Then You Will Be Kicked Instantly. If Someone Else Is Sitting In Your Slot Then Inform The Mods.
  • You Need To Arrive 5 Mins Prior To The Match Start Time.
  • Maximum Players Should Be Present Of Your Team In Every Match.
  • Anyone Found Not Following The Above Rules Then They Will Be Banned
  • All the payments are will take 1-2 weeks to be processed
  • The will directly reflect the UC in your accountTournament Rules


  • Discord 步驟

    • 前往Discord中的#tournament-info文字頻道以了解比賽詳細資訊

    • 點擊#tournament-info頻道底部的#tournament-lobby

    • 想參加比賽,請在#tournament-lobby頻道中輸入!register

    • Tourney 機器人將會傳給您一則私人訊息,請在私訊中輸入!joinsolo <您的遊戲ID>來報名比賽

    • 您已成功報名 錦標賽。

  • web app 步驟

    • 前往Web App並使用Discord或Twitter帳戶登入

    • 在“比賽行事曆”的標籤下,您可以找到即將進行的比賽列表。

    • 請點擊您想參加的比賽,您將在頁面底部看到一個“報名”按鈕

    • 請輸入您的IGN(遊戲內名稱),然後點擊頁面底部的“報名”按鈕。

    • 報名現已完成。

  • app Steps

    • Download the app from App store or Play store

    • Login in App with mobile number & entering the OTP

    • Click on tournament to view its details then click register & follow the onscreen instructions

    • You’ve successfully registered for your tournament


150 UC OR CONTACT TO @UcX Ξ ➣ NoMercy#3284 OR <@493445543486554153>