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02 Oct 2021 17:00 UTC
Qualifier CPC | Day 1 | 5vs5

Registration closed.

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4x CPC Tournament Group Place 查看更多

Sorry, you missed it! Registrations are closed for this tournament.

Clash of Clans 1vs1
主辦單位 Elektro


Clash Party Cup Main Event Qualifying Tournament with Total Prize Pool - €1100. To participate, the team captain must register his team. The tournament is played thanks to the "Friendly Wars" mode implemented in the game. The team must consist of 5 players who have th14 and are over 13 years of age. To register type - !joinsolo Example !joinsolo 👉 Only 64 teams can participate in this tournament.


  • 1. Time of matches is 5+30, and do not have time attacks.
  • 2. The entire Round cannot last more than 45 minutes.
  • 3. After 10 minutes of no response, the team can accept the victory by sending a screenshot of the clan chat.
  • 4. After the match is over, the Winner is obliged to send a screenshot of the match result and enter the winner command.


  • Discord 步驟

    • 前往Discord中的#tournament-info文字頻道以了解比賽詳細資訊

    • 點擊#tournament-info頻道底部的#tournament-lobby

    • 想參加比賽,請在#tournament-lobby頻道中輸入!register

    • Tourney 機器人將會傳給您一則私人訊息,請在私訊中輸入!joinsolo <您的遊戲ID>來報名比賽

    • 您已成功報名 錦標賽。

  • web app 步驟

    • 前往Web App並使用Discord或Twitter帳戶登入

    • 在“比賽行事曆”的標籤下,您可以找到即將進行的比賽列表。

    • 請點擊您想參加的比賽,您將在頁面底部看到一個“報名”按鈕

    • 請輸入您的IGN(遊戲內名稱),然後點擊頁面底部的“報名”按鈕。

    • 報名現已完成。

  • app Steps

    • 從App Store或Play商店下載game.tv應用程式

    • 使用手機號碼登入應用並輸入OTP

    • 點擊錦標賽以查看其詳細資訊,然後點擊註冊並按照畫面上的說明進行操作

    • 您已成功註冊錦標賽


4x CPC Tournament Group Place