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Are you a streamer, a pro player, a vlogger, or a tournament host? Here’s how can be hugely rewarding for you.

  • 01 Host tournaments
  • 02 Create Live Streams
  • 03 Upload Short Videos
  • 04 Chat with Fans
  • 05 Grow Smart and Organically
  • 06 Monetize with Fan Pass
  • Host tournaments

    Organize, manage and play alongside fans. Choose from plenty of games and modes.

    Host tournaments
  • Create Live Streams

    All your streaming channels in one space. Involve fans through interactive emojis and mini-games.

    Create Live Streams
  • Upload Short Videos

    Show off your skills in gaming and creativity with easy & intuitive editing and publishing tools.

    Upload Short Videos
  • Chat with Fans

    Exclusive room to unwind and interact with your fans. Share jokes, memes, GIFs, and more.

    Chat with Fans
  • Grow Smart and Organically

    Find your next audience with engaging content. Leave the rest to our recommendation AI.

    Grow Smart and Organically
  • Monetize with Fan Pass

    Get direct support from your true fans. Reward those loyal with exclusive content.

    Monetize with Fan Pass

Get Inspired by 200k+ Elite Gaming Content
Creators and their Stories of Glory

Get Inspired by 200k+ Elite Gaming Content Creators and their Stories of Glory

  • has the easiest way to build community start and manage Esports tournaments.
    37k+ followers
  • The easiest way to save time and do tournaments is .Even if the number of players in the tournament is large makes it easy to manage.
    HARIT free fire
    HARIT free fire
    10k+ followers
  • With Fan Pass, you can create an income model and grow your community as you wish. Thank you
    Vezir Bey Pubg
    Vezir Bey Pubg
    33k+ followers

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Want to clear some nagging doubts?

  • What makes this different from other content-creation support platforms?

    We focus exclusively on gaming and already have a place with millions of active users popping in daily and growing every day.

  • When will I get the money earned in my account?

    It will be credited on a monthly basis, within the first week of every new month. Connect with our support team to check your eligibility for fan pass of your club.

  • What analytics will you offer on your dashboard?

    Number of users following you, their country profile, their interactions with your content in terms of time and participation, just to name a few. You can always request more as well.

  • Will my data be sold or used without my permission?

    We take privacy very seriously. Check our privacy policy to know more.

  • Are the features mentioned above your only offerings or are there more?

    We are constantly introducing new features and refining existing ones. Get in touch with us if you have an idea of something we can include.

  • Does reserve the right to remove any and all content created by us?

    Yes, however this is done only where we feel the content violates the sentiments of the general public. Creators can appeal their case and the content can be restored back, provided sufficient evidence.

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