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A community-driven approach and powerful cloud integrations make the esports platform of choice for the world's best mobile game developers.

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Grow organic usage

Draw players in, one tournament at a time

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Grow retention

Loyal returning players are the core of the mobile gaming age.

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Grow community

Say hello to an ever growing family of dedicated players

Perks and Upgrades

We are all about putting the ‘Fun’ in ‘Functionality’. Check out our exclusive features you unlock when playing with us.

One-Click Play and Registration

Tournaments are hard to set up and run. With our one-click tournaments, you can just sit back, relax and let us do all the work. Meanwhile, your users can just focus on their game. No more hassle in joining, forming and creating matches.

Leaderboards & Stats

All players want to be the very best like no one ever was. With Leaderboards & Stats, they’ll always know where they stand and how good they need to be to reach the top, keeping them coming back for more.

In-Game Rewards

Why shouldn’t one be treated for kicking butt and wiping the floor with bonuses, special items and rare boosts from your own store? Just by setting the rewards system, we’ll ensure it goes to the mightiest of them all.


Tournaments with rivalries, awaited rematches, and last minute victories are what dreams are made of. These can spawn and grow online communities and dedicated fanbases. Across countries and continents, with leagues, the world is your oyster.

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Developer Dashboard

A custom interface for your master plans to unfold. Providing all you need to monitor, tweak and personalise operations. Includes API Testing and customisation, Player and Tournament stats, and more.

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